The Stages of Work: School Kids

By Jo Pilon

OMG they are all at school, life is changing once again, especially if you have been a stay at home mum who is now considering whether to return to the paid workforce. This is the 5th in the Stages of Work series.

In some ways this period is even busier than the pre-school years as there are so many more events and activities to go to for your children and they really want you to be there.  You keep thinking, they won’t want me there soon so I need to do my best to get to everything I can. And it’s true that they say they don’t want you to go to their events in high school but as long as you don’t draw attention to yourself they are really quite pleased when you turn up 😂

This is also when many carers who have been home with their children decide it is time they got back into the paid workforce. Returning to work can be scary and stressful but also full of excitement, for those who haven’t worked out of the home for a while.  

Some of the things you may be worried about:

  • Your skills are outdated
  • You don’t want to do the same job you did before kids
  • You want a job that is rewarding and interesting
  • You don’t know where to look for a job 
  • You don’t have any contacts at work anymore
  • You don’t know how to make conversation with anyone over 7 years old 
  • You don’t have any current references.

Don’t worry there are things you can do to get a job that suits you and your family. 

What To Do

The first thing to do is to work out your priorities. Why are you going back to work?

  • Is it just for financial reasons?
  • Is it for personal fulfillment as well as financial reasons? 
  • Do you know how much you want/need to earn?
  • Do you know how many hours you want to work?
  • Are you prepared to study to get the job you want?

Knowing the reasons you want to go back to work will help you find a job that works for you. 

Some Options for You to Think About

  • Part-time work which brings in some money, while giving you skills and currency in the workplace is a great way to start. It might also fit in well with your other obligations.
  • If you are looking further into the future and decide you want work that is personally fulfilling and provides a career path then you may need to make time for formal study.
  • You might decide that you want work that is satisfying and pays well but your main aim is to provide for the life you want for you and your family so a short course to update your skills may be what works best for you.

Having been in this position myself I know finding the right option for you is not always easy as there are so many people and variables to consider. 

But if it is important to you that your work is rewarding and fulfilling then it is worth spending time and effort so you make the right career decision for you.

Then you can plan and prepare so your decision fits in with the rest of the pieces of your life.  

If you are feeling worried about your career decisions, if you are at a turning point in your working life and need some guidance on how to find your way to more satisfying work then book a free 30 minute “Right for You” call so Expand Careers can help you. 

The next article in this series will focus on another stage based around children, but this is when they leave home and you wonder what next?  

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