Upskill Your Employees

Providing one-to-one coaching or group workshops focused on the skills you’re employees need to become confident, proficient and skilled employees.

Do you and/or your employees need to improve some of those interpersonal, cognitive and productivity skills that are so important to the success of a business?

Using our Expand Careers Employability Skills Audit we will help you identify the skills you’re employees need to develop to help your business improve productivity and profitablity.

We can provide one-to-one coaching or group workshops focused on helping your employees become confident and proficient. (Available online or in-person; as one-to-one coaching or workshops)

Take your choice/s from the list below or we can customise all content to suit your needs


    Interpersonal Skills Training


    • Communication (Verbal, Non Verbal, Written & Presentations)
    • Customer Focused Service
    • Individual Workplace Behaviours (DISC Advanced)
    • Leadership (DISC Advanced Leadership style analysis)
    • Teamwork

        Job Search Skills Training

        • Interview Skills
        • Job Application Writing
        • Job Search Strategies

          Productivity & Technology Training

          • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
          • Digital Literacy (Adapts quickly to new technology )
          • File and Information Management
          • Information Literacy (Efficient & Rigorous Research Skills)
          • Managing Computer files and Online Information
          • Media Literacy (Recognising misinformation & disinformation in the media)
          • Organisational & Time Management Skills
          • Productivity Skills & Tools

              Benefits to You, Your Business & Your Employees

              Improved interpersonal skills leading to

              • More cohesive team/s
              • High standard of customer service
              • Understanding of leadership style on different employees

              Enhanced efficiency and productivity due to proficiency in

              • Technology and productivity tools
              • Systemising of work processes
              • Organisational and time management skills