Career Change Counselling

If you want to change your career then talking to Jo & Kate is the best thing for you to do. They can help you

  • Explore why you are unhappy in your current job
  • Find the career that suits you best
  • Plan how you can land your dream job
  •  Identify your transferrable skills
  • Design your job search strategy

Our Process


Building Your Career Self Awareness

Career Counselling with Expand Careers Consulting is a collaborative experience. We use our Narrative Counselling skills to listen and work with you to identify your dilemma. We know you are the expert in your own life and we help you build your understanding and use your self knowledge to prioritise the things that are important to you in your work.


Explore Occupations

We spend time exploring different occupations that you might like. This could include looking at case studies about what the job entails or talking to people who already work in that job.


Making the Decision

Making the decision of what career to pursue is difficult so not only do we provide the time you need to work through your decision we provide decision making tools that can assist you with making those difficult and complex decisions.

Then there is the decision of where, when & how to study we can help you with those decisions as well.


Planning Your Way Forward

One of the best things to have a is a plan to guide you. We provide a detailed plan that is based on our discussions with you. Built in flexibility makes our plan the best fit for you now and in the future.

Note: Decision Making and planning are only included in the 8 Steps to Career Clarity and the Ultimate Career Package.

Jo from Expand Careers with a client

Change Your Career

Take that first step

Changing your career is a big decision. Using our Narrative Counselling skills and optional Career Assessment tools we can help you find and make the best decision for you and your circumstances. We will help you come up with strategies and plans so you are able to achieve the choices you have made.  This can be a short or long process depending on where you are in your decision making. 

It can be held in person or via MS Teams (online video conference).

This service is for you if:

  • You are confused about what you want to do
  • You are unhappy and know you need to change your job.
  • You don’t know what to study or even if you want to study
  • You know what you want to do but are not sure how to get there
  • You are feeling stuck and miserable in a job you don’t like

If you need more time to make the right choice. After the first hour we offer our valued clients a discount on the hourly rate for ongoing clients. Price per hour $137.00; Subsequent hours discounted. Special price for School Students $117.00