Business Services

We know the types of skills that employers are looking for in their employees and we can help you gain these skills so you can feel comfortable in your workplace, make the most of work opportunities as they arise and can become a better manager.

Jo & Kate at Expand Careers provide a number of services to help rural and regional businesses develop the staff they want.

The first thing we do is talk to you about what services will meet your needs. This first 30 minute “Best Fit Service” consultation is absolutely free to you. There is no obligation for you to continue with our services if you don’t want to, just let us know and we will part as friends.

How To Change Management

We will help you develop a program that will help each member of your staff understand your reasons for making changes

This is for you if you

  • You need help setting up the processes for a successful change
  • You want to make sure you communicate the benefits to your employees
  • You are wanting to make changes in your business or in your workforce
  • You want to make sure you keep the employees you want to keep not those who aren’t a good fit

Induction for New Leaders

Leading a group of people is complex & can be challenging to new leaders

This is for you if you

  • You want to know how to inspire your employees
  • You want your employees to be committed to your business
  • You want to keep your best employees

Invest in Your Employees – Career Development

At Expand Careers Consulting we know that employees who understand the way they work, know the skills they have and those they want to develop are more motivated and confident in their abilities and their contribution to their workplace.


Are you wanting employees that are:

  • Able to work to their strengths?
  • Skilled, confident and self-motivated?
  • Good communicators and excellent customer service providers
  • Work well with the other people in your business?

Upskill Your Employees

Providing one-to-one coaching or group workshops focused on the skills you’re employees need to become confident and proficient.

This is for you and your staff:

  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Improve communication between staff
  • Improve job search skills
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve staff technology skills