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Empowering regional people through career coaching & skills development. Together we will identify and solve your career problems.

Right for You 30 minute free service

We offer a 30 minute free meeting either in person or over Zoom so you get the right service. This is where you outline what your career issue is and we will explain how we can help you.

We Are Rural & Regional

We have lived in rural & regional areas most of our lives.

We understand the complications that distance can create for people in these areas.

Personal Online Services

Our services are all designed to make geographic isolation and schedule conflicts a worry of the past.

We deliver services online via video conferencing, email, telephone or webinar.
Of course we love to meet you in person as well if it is possible.

Free 30 Min Consultations

We offer a 30 minute free meeting either in person or via online video conference to help you choose.

This is where you outline what your issue is and we explain how we can help you.

We Coach You to:

  • Identify & achieve your career goals
  • Know the skills you want to develop
  • Develop productive work practices
  • Get promotion ready
  • Work well with others
  • Create a professional online personal brand
  • Choose & plan towards a new career
  • Write job applications
  • Prepare for interviews

4 Steps to Achieving Your Career Goals

Our 4 Steps to Achieving Your Career Goals is a whole package deal that helps you know what you need to do to develop your career the way you want to. Using our career coaching skills we provide the support, expertise and resources you need to help you identify your goals and develop strategies on how you can achieve them.

This package is for you if

  • You are serious about developing your career
  • You want a system that will help you reach your potential
  • You want to achieve your career goals
  • You want to learn how to make the most of any career opportunities
  • You want to do your best in your job

Meet Our Team

Joanne Pilon

Joanne Pilon

Based in regional New South Wales. I look forward to using my academic knowledge, work experience and life skills to help others find their own exciting and rewarding career.
Kate Pilon

Kate Pilon

All of my education, work experience and life experience has lead me to this – empowering others to work towards the career they wand and/or to manage the one they have.

I had been teaching on and off for the past 40 years, and I really didn’t want to end my working life as a teacher. I needed to do something else. I had always had a burning passion to make art and wanted to branch into that. To be honest, I didn’t know how.

After Several sessions with Jo, I was able to define where I wanted to take my art. I wanted to draw images of rural Australia and have them printed on linen tea towels- this was to give rural Australia a visual voice.

It was those sessions with Jo that enabled me to identify my strengths and weaknesses (and work on both). As well as this, she helped me plot out a business plan, and define my goals.

Most of all she gave me the confidence to take my work and creative life into another direction – one that was more in sync with me now.

Her sessions with me helped develop clarity of thought that gave me the confidence to pursue another path and my dreams.

Jo W


The quality of life within the context of work is making retaining good employees more challenging. In an era where it is reported that Gen Z sees purpose as the core to work, Gen Y seek meaningful work and Gen X seeks to leave a legacy, it is prudent that organisations equip their employees with tools to align themselves purposefully with their work.

Jo Pilon of Expand Careers delivered a very engaging and meaningful workshop at Thurgoona Community Centre.

Jo provided tools for participants to step out of the day-to-day mechanics of work and take a bird’s eye view at the “why” behind their efforts. The tools she provides allow the attendees to identify important personal values and aspirations to be translated into plans for future progress and development.

These are also helpful for the preparation to inform workplace appraisal processes and help employees to align themselves within the work environment and their aspirations for development.