Empowering regional people through career development.

Do you need help with some of these issues?

  • Frustrated about your career choices as you live in a regional area?
  • Not sure what career path to choose?
  • Don’t know what jobs are out there that you might be interested in?
  • Confused and unsure about what job you actually want to do?
  • Confused about study options?
  • Need more flexible or rewarding work?
  • Feel trapped in a job you hate?
  • Been made redundant and don’t know what you are going to do?
  • Want a better paid job but don’t think you have the qualifications or skills they want?
  • Nervous about how to answer interview questions
  • Need help writing a professional job application?
  • Want to create a professional “Social Media brand” but don’t know how?
  • Want to know more about the work skills you need to get the job you want?

At Expand Careers, we help you manage your career so it enriches your life. There are so many choices and changes that are part of creating a successful working life and we can support you through them.

We understand the difficulties that people living in regional areas often face in their career development, so our services are specifically designed to overcome worries about geographic isolation and scheduling.

Empowering regional people through career development.

Expand Careers was founded by Jo Pilon and her daughter Kate to specifically assist rural and regional people find the career that makes them happy and fulfilled.

Jo Pilon
Kate Pilon

“After a very uncertain 18 months, I finally feel like I am heading in the right direction. Jo not only encouraged me to apply for a great position, she also helped me see my strengths and stay focused on the positive things I could offer in a change of career. 

Jo is a warm and caring person, an excellent listener and motivator. I now have more direction in my life and understand where I want my future to take me.

I have gained a lot more confidence from my sessions with Jo and feel that there is a lot more I can achieve and feel more positive in regards to what the future holds.”

KAT, 36 years

I finished school last year and was not sure what I wanted to do. I worked at a service station, but knew that was not what I wanted to do all my life.

My mum booked me in with Kate and I was not that into it at first, but I have found talking to her pretty easy.

I have now decided that the study option was not for me and I am starting a trade.

BEN, 18 years

“Getting To Know You” Assessment Session

We book a half hour Free Session over Skype to get to know each other and decide if we are the right service for you. We will discuss where you are and where you want to be.