Developing Your  Career

There are many reasons to talk to Jo & Kate about your work priorities and aspirations.

  • You want to do your job better
  • You have goals in your career you are struggling to meet
  • You want to make sure you are ready for opportunities as they arise

With Jo & Kate’s help, you can build your confidence and achieve your career goals.

Our Process


Building Your Career Self Awareness

Career coaching with Expand Careers Consulting is a collaborative experience. We use our career counselling skills to listen and understand. We also use career assessment tools such as the DISC Advanced assessments, skills audit to build your workplace self-knowledge.


Identify your priorities

We support you to identify your priorities and goals. Having a clear understanding of your priorities and goals helps you make better decisions and choices so you are able to reach those goals.



We help you develop strategies in ways to reach your goals. Using your goals and priorities we support you in developing strategies that will help you be ready for opportunities as they arise.



Planning Your Way Forward

One of the best things to have a is a plan to guide you. We provide a detailed plan that is based on our discussions with you. Built in flexibility makes our plan the best fit for you now and in the future.

Note: Decision Making and planning are only included in the Career Development Strategies and the Ultimate Career Package.

Jo from Expand Careers with a client

Career Chat

1 hour chat about your career priorities.

It can be held in person or via Zoom 

This service is for you if

  • You want to check in with a career coach to reaffirm you are on the right track.
  • You want to ask some questions and  explore different options
  • You think it might benefit your career if you do some more study
  • You are not sure what you really need. If you want further meetings we will make sure you get a package that meets your ongoing needs
  • Special price for School Leavers $100.00

Please note: career coaching & planning is a complex process therefore you may want more time to discuss your choices

0429 722 401


About You - Career Conversations

3 career activities and 2 x 1 hour consultations.

This service is for you if:

  • You are confused about how you can progress your career
  • You keep missing out on a promotion
  • You don’t know what to study to move forward
  • You know what your next step should be but are not sure how to get there
  • You love your job and want to keep doing it well

Included in this package are:

2 x 1  hour Career Counselling sessions either in person or via online video 

  • Values assessment
  • Motivator assessment
  • Skills Audit

All customised to your needs

  • Payment plans available – by arrangement



Career Development Strategies

Grow your career! Get the focus you need.

Using our Career Counselling and Career Assessment Tools we provide the support, expertise and resources you need to help you identify your goals, develop strategies on how you can achieve them and a clear plan to show you the way.

This package is for you if:

  • You are serious about developing your career
  • You want a system that will help you reach your potential
  • You want to learn how to make the most of any career opportunities that arise
  • You want to do your best in your job
  • You need a well-planned way forward

Included in the package are:

  • 4 x 1 hour face-to-face Career Counselling sessions (either in person or online)
  • DISC Advanced Personal Profile
  • Values assessment
  • Motivator assessment
  • Skills Audit & evaluation
  • Career Development Strategy
  • Decision making tools & assistance
  • Step by step plan
  • 4 x 15 minute quarterly review & reassess sessions

Can be tailored to meet your needs

  • Payment plans available by arrangement

0429 722 401

Jo from Expand Careers with a client

Optimum Career Development Package

Providing you with all the bells and whistles in understanding yourself work style, how you work with and lead others, and how this impacts on you, your team and your career

You also get the time and support of our expert career consultants to tease out answers on any work questions you may have or to optimise your career opportunities in regional areas.

The package includes 4 x 1 hour face-to-face (Zoom or in person) conversations with one of our expert accredited career coaches to work through and understand the results of the DISC Advanced psychometric assessments and how you can best utilise this information in improving your own career performance and/ or improving your chances at advancement.

This package is for you if

  • You are looking for advancement opportunities
  • You are a new manager and would like to know how to get the most from your team
  • You have a team that is dysfunctional and not working to its optimum
  • You want to improve your own or your teams productivity
  • You are looking for a career change at a senior level

Included in the package are

  • 4 x hours face-to-face Narrative Counselling sessions
  • DISC Advanced Profiles Assessment Report & Evaluation
  • DISC Advanced Leadership Assessment Report & Evaluation
  • Values Self Assessment
  • Skills Audit & Evaluation
  • Decision Making Tools & Assistance
  • Step by Step Career Plan
  • Strategies for Refocusing
  • Free 4 x 1/2 hour Review Meetings (online only)
  • Free email support for 6 months
  • 10% Discount on other services

All customised to your needs

  • Payment plans available

0429 722 401