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We offer a 30 minute free meeting either in person or over Zoom so you get the right service. This is where you outline what your dilemma is and we discuss our service options with you.

Having had a baby a year before I booked an appointment with Kate, I was feeling very out of touch and like I didn’t have anything to offer in the workforce. My previous job had not been supportive of me during or after my pregnancy and I was feeling very irrelevant.

Talking with Kate made me recognise skills that I could use towards a new career and also made me aware that I had a lot to offer.

The program that Kate and I hashed out together kept me on track and I have now changed career paths and am working in a job that makes me feel more fulfilled than the work I did previously.

Belinda, 31

A mother of three young adults. I live on a farm and have worked in VET Education for 34 years in Central Western NSW.

My main concern was finding someone to prepare a professional and polished application so Katie could make it to the interview stage of the recruitment process, because I knew that the job she wanted for her gap year was going to be very competitive.

I would recommend Jo’s expertise to anyone of any age who really wants an edge to their application.

I was very happy and told Jo she is worth more money!

Robyn -

Mother of school leaver Katie

I have really appreciated everything you’ve done to help me in coming to a decision around my next career/study move.

Fiona, 31

I never realised how much I had achieved within my previous role and what I am capable of. Thank you for allowing me to see that Jo

Kurt -

Resume and cover letter - leadership roles

I would like to take the opportunity to say how much I enjoy working with you and observing how your run your business. Everything is done with such grace and professionalism that I would really like to emulate when developing my own business. I have been impressed with so many aspects of the way you conduct your business, from simple things such as your voice mail message on the phone, how professionally you have terms and conditions all prepared and well structured and even your website which I really like and have been inspired by. I appreciate how complete tasks in a timely manner and to a very high standard.

Anne -

New Solopreneur

I love how you have told my story. You have lifted my applications to a new level.

The resume is brilliant

Brendan -

Job application - manager roles

Thanks for saving me, those suggestions are gold – thanks!!

The interview went well – I felt prepared. Your questions were so good in getting me prepared – thank you!


Interview skills - manager roles