Online Career Profile

Build your personal network & personal brand online

There are many reasons to talk to Jo & Kate about your work aspirations.

  • Want to create a professional LinkedIn profile
  • If your current LinkedIn profile is outdated or doesn’t highlight your qualities
  • If you are looking for work or promotion
  • If you want to build a network of people for professional or business reasons
  • If you want to build your online brand

Our Online Work Portfolio Services

Finding Your Personal Brand
LinkedIn Profile Assistance


Social Media Career Profile

Develop your LinkedIn social media profile

2nd option: 1 hour consultation: Assistance with your LinkedIn profile
We will:

  • Analyse your LinkedIn profile and make suggestions
  • Help you change your information
  • Show you how to connect with individuals and groups on LinkedIn
  • Encourage you to participate in discussions and learning

Project the professional image you want on Social Media.


Finding Your Personal Brand

Jo & Kate can advise you on ways to project the professional image you want both in the workplace and on Social Media. Maybe you have a skill or interest that will benefit others, you might become the expert or “go to” person in your organisation or even wider.

1st Option: 1 hour consultation: Finding your own personal brand