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Finding ways to improve productivity, customer service and/or team spirit is essential for your business to be a success. Jo motivates immediate action and with her action presentations. 


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Jo & Kate from Expand Careers have years of experience in providing relevant and engaging training in essential work skills.


Each workshop or presentation will provide attendees with a different set of skills so they

  • Work smarter and more effectively
  • Know how to build productive relationships with customers, their bosses or their employees and workmates.

Speaking & Workshop Topics

Career Development Skills

  • How to Develop Your Career
  • How to Prepare Yourself for a Career Change
  • Managing your Career in Times of Change
  • Presenting Your Best Self at Interview
  • Writing a Winning Job Application
  • Job Search Techniques

Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication Skills that Work (verbal, non-verbal, written)
  • How You Work – DISC Advanced
  • Leadership¬†– DISC Advanced
  • Thinking Innovatively
  • What Makes Good Customer Service

Productivity & Technology Skills

  • Critical Thinking & Problem-solving Strategies
  • Digital Skills: Be Tech Savvy
  • Enhance Your Decision Making with Relevant and Reliable Information
  • Media Literacy: Identifying Fact from Mis/Disinformation
  • Organise Your Files & Online Information to Improve Efficiency
  • Ultimate Guide to Being Productive: doing more in less time


Employability skills are the cognitive and interpersonal skills that you develop through work and life experience and can transfer from one job to another.

Employers really value employability skills, often choosing someone who has well-developed employability skills as many feel it is easier to train a new employee in technical skills.

Technical Skills are associated with specific types of jobs eg mechanical. Some technical skills can transfer across to other jobs.

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