Invest in Your Employees

Are you wanting employees that are:

  • Able to work to their strengths?
  • Skilled, confident and self motivated?
  • Good communicators and excellent customer service providers


Our Employee Development Services

At Expand Careers Consulting we know that employees who understand the way they work, know the skills they have and those they want to develop are more motivated and confident in their abilities and their contribution to their workplace.


Employee Development Coaching

Using Career Coaching techniques, values, motivation and behavioural (DISC Advanced) assessments, plus our Employability Skills Audit, Jo & Kate from Expand Careers can help your employees:

  • Identify their individual work style i.e. how they work most productively and happily
  • Understand how they work with others
  • Articulate their career goals and progression aspirations
  • Know their leadership style and how this affects leading different types of people (for leaders and aspiring leaders)
  • Use our Skills Audit to understand their current Employability Skills and identify those they want to develop
  • Help them plan for their future in these unpredictable times, with a step by step plan
  • Add accountability into their plan
  • Support them to review and adapt to changes in workplace priorities


This is a great exercise for you, the employer, to participate in yourself. You will be able to understand your own work and leadership styles, clarify your purpose and re-focus on your business.

Benefits to You and Your Business

You will have employees who:

  • Know themselves and how they like to work their skill levels and where they need to concentrate their energies
  • Have a positive attitude that comes from more confidence and will be reflected in their work and customer service
  • Have a clear vision of their contribution to your business

You will convey a supportive and positive message of your commitment to your current and future employees, leading to higher levels of loyalty and less employee turnover