Job Applications

Kate & Jo at Expand Careers Consulting are experts at writing job applications which will give you an advantage when competing for the job you want.

This is right for you if:

  • You need help writing a resume that shows you are perfect for the job
  • You have an old resume that needs updating
  • You haven’t addressed selection criteria before
  • You know what you want to write but can’t get the right words

What you need to do


Book the “Right for You” Free 30 Minute appointment to create a meeting with Jo or Kate. Or Contact us via email. We will phone or email a reply within 24 hours to setup an interview time.


In that interview we will discuss:
  • What type of job you will be going for, is it a Managers position, a change in career
  • Your work history, education history, professional development and volunteer work.
  • The type of Resume you want whether it is a Chronological Order resume or a Skills based resume which is often dependent on question dot point 1.
  • If you need selection criteria and a cover letter.


Your Expand Careers consultant will edit your existing document or list of information and create a draft resume, cover letter and/or Selection Criteria for your approval.


You will read over the first draft, add information, suggestions and examples then return to us.


We will polish the documents and return for you to review until you are happy with the result.


You will then fill out the online form on the job website and upload the documents.
*Guarantee & Disclaimer – we are reliant upon the information you have given us to create your job application documents. We will provide documents to a high standard. *In consultation with you we will edit your application so it highlights all the ways that you are the ideal person for the job. *Portfolios are becoming more popular, if you would like help with a portfolio we will negotiate a price depending on the time and complexity involved.

General Resume

Jo & Kate will document and format your work history and qualifications based on the information you give them in an online or in person interview.

This is for you if you:

  • Want a basic chronological order employment history-based Resume
  • Are applying for work in the same field
  • School leavers $117

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Cover Letter

Think you need a cover letter as well as your General Resume? Then let Jo & Kate write a cover letter to complement your resume

  • School leavers $80

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Specialist Resume

Jo and Kate will showcase your skills, education and experience to enhance your success.

This is suitable for those who want to communicate not only their employment history but also their transferable skills and life experience. This package is for you if
  • You are wanting to change careers
  • There isn’t any selection criteria and you want to emphasise your skills
  • You are going for a higher level job

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Specialist Cover Letter

We will do the research and match your skills and experience to write the cover letter that meets that criteria.

Many employers are moving away from selection criteria and moving to longer cover letters that address specific criteria they want their applicants to have.

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Selection Criteria

Let Jo and Kate help you highlight your skills and achievements.

Know your perfect for that job but don’t know how to put it into Selection Criteria? This package includes
  • Includes 6 Criteria ($60 per additional criteria)

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Job Application Pack

Jo and Kate can enhance your chances with our professional writing services

Don’t have the time to make sure all three Job Application documents demonstrate your skills and suitability for your perfect job?

This package includes

  • Includes 6 criteria ($20 per additional criteria)

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