Skills Coaching

We know the types of skills that employers are looking for in their employees and we can help you gain these skills so you can feel comfortable in your workplace, make the most of work opportunities as they arise and can become a better manager.

You are in the right place. We know the types of skills that employers are looking for in their employees and we can help you gain these skills so you can feel comfortable in your workplace, make the most of work opportunities as they arise and can become a better manager.


This is for you if you –

  • Want to change careers and need to identify & improve your transferable skills?
  • Are you worried your productivity is stagnating or failing?
  • Are you having problems with your boss or other team members?
  • Have you been recently promoted & want to fine-tune your skills?
  • Have you been made redundant & are not sure your skills are current?

What are Employability Skills?

Employability skills are known by a number of names: Soft Skills, Enterprise Skills, 21st Century Skills.

Employability Skills are your personal qualities and general skills like how you work with people, if you are detail orientated, your computer knowledge, how productive you are in the workplace. These skills can transfer from one job to another.

Technical Skills are associated with knowledge and skills so you can do a specific job done eg plumbing, teaching, nursing and so on, some of these skills also transfer to other positions, although often in related areas of work.

Did you know? 75% employers say they choose employees based on their employability skills over their technical skills (National Skills, Commission 2020)

Employability skills we offer coaching in:


DISC Advanced – Individual Work style

Learn about your work style and how:

  • It impacts on what you like to do
  • You like to work and
  • You interact with others

We also provide time for you to discuss and evaluate the results and what they mean to you.


DISC advanced leadership style

  • Using the DISC Advanced Leadership assessment as a starting point we will talk with you about your own leadership style, how to recognise other peoples work styles and how to lead people of other styles
  • We will give you strategies in managing difficult conversations and managing change


Digital Literacy (Tech Savvy)

Is being confident that you can learn and use a wide range of technology. A lot of what this takes is having confidence to use it but also to being exposed to different technologies and allowing your curiosity to work out how to use them.


Improving Customer Service

We will

  • Use our Narrative Counselling skills to help you identify what you wish to improve and how you want to do this.
  • Discuss what good customer service looks like and how you can attain this
  • Give you strategies in managing difficult conversations


Interview Preparation

There are two levels of Interview preparation as some positions need more advanced preparation.

  • General Interview Preparation
  • We will work with you to research the business you wish to work for
  • Working together we will prepare answers to questions
  • We will provide opportunities to practice interview techniques

Advanced Interview Preparation

  • All General Interview Preparation plus
  • We will review any written plans, reports etc that you need to provide to your prospective employer
  • We will review any presentation you need to present, providing informed suggestions


Managing your information & files

  • Keeping your information and files organised is an essential to being efficient and time effective. We will teach you how to organise your files so you intuitively know where to put them so you can quickly find them again.


Productivity skills & tools

We will

  • Help you understand when you are most productive
  • Help you create systems and habits that make you more productive
  • Teach you how to use technologies to help you become more productive


    Media Literacy: Finding & analysing news & information for validity and truth


    • How to search Google effectively and efficiently using tools such as Google Advanced, Google Scholar, Boolean Logic
    • Some effective shortcuts to to cut down research time
    • How to analyse your information and sources so you know you are getting accurate, trustworthy and high quality news and information

    Develop your capabilites & skills

    We will help you gain the knowledge, practice and confidence you need.

    Our one to one coaching will help you improve and develop the skills that you need to be more competitive in the job market, whatever your age or stage in your career you can benefit from developing your employability skills.

    Using our Skills Audit, Jo & Kate will identify any areas you need to develop. See the list below for skills offered by Expand Careers and if we don't offer the skills you need we will refer you to a reputable trainer who does.

    How it works:

    • We meet via Zoom (online) for your free 30 minute “Right for You” session
    • Once you are signed up we send you a Skills Audit
    • Your first session will include a discussion of the results, choosing your program and an introduction to the program
    • We may send you some pre exercises but we will let you know beforehand
    • Your coaching session will consist of demonstration, practical exercises and more
    • We may set you some homework but only if you want
    • At the end of each session, we will discuss what happens next.

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    Optimum Career Development Package

    Providing you with all the bells and whistles in understanding yourself, your works style, how you work with and lead others and how this impacts on you, your team and your career.

    You also get the time and support of our expert career consultants to tease out answers on any work questions you may have or to optimise your career opportunities in regional areas.

    The package includes 4 x 1 hour face-to-face (Zoom or in person) conversations with one of our expert, accredited career coaches to work through and understand the results of the DISC Advanced psychometric assessments and how you can best utilise this information in improving your own career performance and/ or improving your chances at advancement.

    This service is for you if

    • You are looking for advancement opportunities
    • You are a new manager and would like to know how to get the most from your team
    • You have a team that is dysfunctional and not working to its optimum
    • You want to improve your own or your team’s productivity
    • You are looking for a career change at a senior level


    • Move into your new position with confidence and ease
    • Gain insight into what skills you need to work on with our Enterprise Skills Audit
    • Build your skills at a time that suits you
    • Be confident at work, at home & socially with your stronger interpersonal skills
    • Know your skills are going to help you get and retain the job you want

    Included in the package

    • 4x 1 hour face-to-face Narrative Counselling sessions (online or in-person)
    • DISC Advanced Profiles Assessment Report & Evaluation
    • DISC Advanced Leadership Assessment & Report
    • Values Self Assessment
    • Skills Audit & Evaluation
    • Occupational Research & Information
    • Decision Making Tools & Assistance
    • Step by Step Plan
    • Strategies for Refocusing
    • Free 4×1/2 hour Review Meetings (online only)
    • Free email support for 6 months
    • 10% Discount on other services

    All customisable to your needs.

    0429 722 401