9 Reasons Why Living in Regional Australia is Good for Your Career

By Jo Pilon

Make the most of regional career opportunities

  1. Income growth and employment rates are on a par with city rates and income growth according to the Grattan Institute “Regional Patterns…” Report
  2. Limited competition for skilled and professional jobs
  3. Employers often develop enticing packages to encourage high quality candidates to their towns
  4. Wider experience as jobs are more comprehensive due to smaller numbers of employees. This can lead to further career opportunities
  5. Working in regional areas often means becoming part of the community which has multiple benefits personally and professionally
  6. Better housing affordability, ease of commute and lifestyle than in Metropolitan cities (Regional Australia Institute March 2017)
  7. Improved work opportunities as technology connects rural and regional people’s skills with employers and customers
  8. Make the most of work/life balance with a relaxed lifestyle with plenty of space, outdoor activities and community involvement.
  9. Benefits to the economy of regional towns and shires increase with a higher proportion of skilled and professional places which in turn means even more jobs
Want to explore how you can find a rewarding career path in regional Australia?

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